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US Senator Candidate Guillermo Tapia is a Religious Conservative Republican. He is a Pentecostal Minister. He worked as an Independent Contractor Engineer within Project Management, as Budget and Cost Control Engineer and Project Control Engineer for Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE). As an independent contractor engineer his job was to solve problems or troubleshooter with a learning curve of three to four days.

If he is elected U.S. Senator for the state of California, he will go to the U.S. Congress to solve problems through legislation for the people of his state of California and for the people of our entire nation, on every area of the life of America: Spiritual, Social, Educational, Political and Economic.

Currently he is the CEO/Owner of Coastal Premier Luxury Homes, a Real Estate Sales Company in San Diego, CA. He has been a Realtor and Mortgage Consultant for the last 22 years. Guillermo Tapia is also the CEO/Owner of CGTR Commercial Capital, LLC, a commercial Loan Brokerage.

Candidate Guillermo Tapia understand very well the problems and issues America is going Through on the spiritual, social, educational, political and economic areas from both sides, from the secular and from the religious point of view.


Guillermo Tapia understand the natural resources and the main industries that contributes to the California wealth or annual GDP of $3.35 trillion making California the bigger contributor to our nation’s total income, GDP of $24.7 trillion, and if California were a nation by itself would be the fifth economy in the world after Germany with a GDP of $3.8 trillion and before United Kingdom with a GDP of $2.7 trillion. Therefore, If he becomes elected U.S. Senator, Guillermo Tapia will protect, support and increase the total annual net income by legislation every industry of California, not only to maintain the same California GDP economic level but to increase the wealth of California and increase the economic level of every household and each citizen of the golden state of California, and make California now the fourth economy of the world, instead the fifth one.

Guillermo Tapia will work hard on each California industry, specially those that have issues That could stop them to continue growing.

The Real Estate Industry is the number one contributor to the total annual GDP of California with $483 billions or 13% of California GDP of $3.35 trillion. Guillermo Tapia Recognize some problems and issues against the California Real Estate Industry, due to some socialist, government control bills that the Democrat government in power is trying to introduce that would impact negatively the California housing and the homeowners, as well. These socialist, government control bills are impacting negatively the construction business also making home builders difficult to obtain building permits, due to unflexible and lengthy process to obtain these building permits, causing a shortage or lack of inventory housing available on the different markets: first time or low income buyers, medium or average price buyers and upper scale homes, as well as residential and commercial investment properties.

These issues on the California Real Estate industry are also impacting negatively the Real Estate sales sector. Lead generators Consultant companies like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, that have been allowed to be members of the most sacred system, the Multiple Listing System (MLS), are hurting the Realtors business, because now that these lead generators companies have access to MLS, the general public or prospectors now they can have access to the MLS also, through these consultants lead generators companies like Zillow, Trulia, etc. and bypass realtors, leaving realtors with less opportunities to obtain Leads of buyers or prospectors motivated to buy a real estate property.

Guillermo Tapia solutions for these Real Estate problems/issues are:

  • To adopt the Texas Real Estate Industry economic model for Builders and Developers, that has less regulations, a very flexible and fast process to obtain building permits and less costly and implement it here in California.
  • To ban by law the access of the competition or lead generators consultants to the MLS system. If is necessary to go to court or the Supreme Court, He will do it.
  • Another problem that these competitors, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, have created is that they developed huge amount of wealth for themselves that now they have turned into cash buyers, consecuently buying homes under market value and selling or listing those properties, stilling that market business from realtors.
  • To stop or ban those socialist or government control bills that will hurt the California Real Estate housing, homeowners, sellers and buyers.

If we do not fix these real estate issues as soon as possible, the lack of housing or Supply of inventory in the market makes that the home prices increases very high and very rapidly that could create another bubble market crisis like the one we had on 2007- 2010.

Guillermo Tapia, if is elected U.S. Senator for California, he will fight to kill as many as Possible all bad bills. He believes on the economic ideology of Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan: “it is better to have a very few good bills than thousand of bad bills”

The second largest industry of California is the Film Industry which is contributing with $70 Billion. Candidate Guillermo Tapia will initiate a financial project to help actors, directors and producers to create more studios from small, medium and large size in Hollywood.

Another project proposal is to create a financial plan for actors that are unemployed or have retired, so that they do not end up working for minimum wages in restaurants or other low wages jobs.

He will introduce a law that would protect our Hollywood Film Industry from foreign Interests and to make stronger domestically and globally as well.

The other large industry major contributor to California’s GDP is the Agriculture Industry With $47.1 billion or 2% of California GDP. California agriculture produces 50% of the U.S.A. agriculture.

Guillermo Tapia will initiate a project proposal of the construction of a Sea Water Desalination Plants in key areas to solve the water problem in the San Joaquin Valley and the lack of water in Southern California. Sea water desalination plants built with Modern Ecotechnology that will not hurt the flora and fauna of the ocean as the old technologies use to do.

The manufacturing Industry of California is another big contributor to the California GDP With $356 Billion annually or 11.8% of California GDP.

Guillermo Tapia will Introduce a Law to protect the manufacturing industry of California from foreign interests.

He will introduce a law or laws to reduce taxes across California and our nation: Income, sales, Business, etc.

He will fight by legislation to reduce local spending, county, state and federal. To finish our National Debt and increase our national Revenue and Budget surplus. Consecuently to a 4- 5% National GDP.

He believes that our nation must implement a temporary Economic Austerity plan Nationwide, and introduce a law that would control Inflation, to penalize by law businesses That increase their prices due to wages increases or due to higher tariffs on imports that hurt the regular American consumer and we need to pull out from under the water financially our poor class citizens and move them up to the middle class where they used to be.

Import tariffs must be absorbed by the business owners in combination with the local, county, state and federal governments, in order for not to increase consumer products and goods, this would be for a temporary economic austerity plan.

Guillermo Tapia, will introduce a credit reform law. To avoid credit reports in personal and Commercial loans, instead to apply full verification of the loan application and apply the debt to income ratio formula. On his 22 years as Realtor and Mortgage Consultant he has learned that Credit Bureaus and banks and financial institutions “are in bed” in order to benefit banks and financial institutions because the bad credit or lowest FICO a borrower has the higher the interest rates that banks and financial institutions are going to give to the consumer or commercial borrowers, and consecuently the banks are going to make more money.

He will include on the credit reform law, to prohibit Employers, rent and housing to required credit reports.

Guillermo Tapia will utilize the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to fight monopoly from the largest Corporations that like Octopus are destroying and eliminating the small and medium size and even other large corporations.

Candidate Guillermo Tapia is the President and Founder of “US Citizenship for DACA Organization”. He believes that these generation of young immigrants that came to this country when they were children of or 2 years old, grew up in U.S. went to school, assimilated to the American culture and they love America with all their heart, most of them are high educated, with Bachelors, Masters Degrees and some Doctor’s Degrees but are marginated working for minimum wages. They even ignore about the Mexican culture, they are americans on their hearts and minds. He believes that they deserve not only permanent residence (green card) but U.S. citizenship so they can have all the benefits that American citizens have like health and medical benefits, etc. There are around 800,000 DACA young people in America of those around 260,000 are in California. Guillermo Tapia as a U.S. senator will help through legislation to help not only the DACA young people but all DACA living in all fifty states.

Guillermo Tapia is also President and Founder of “U.S. deported veterans back to U.S.A. Organization”, some of them are living in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico and in Tijuana, Mexico also. This is the same case as the DACA immigrants, they came to this country when they were children of 1 or 2 years old, grew up in the American culture, went to school, exceed in sports while they were in High school, they enrolled in the military departments, and they were told that once they were enrolled in the military that automatically would receive U.S. Citizenship, they enrolled went to fight to Irak and Afghanistan, return alive some with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) but never received the U.S. Citizenship and because they made some minor violations like speeding on the freeway or DUI’s, they were deported to Mexico, again this is a case as the DACA group, love U.S.A. do not know much of the Mexican culture, some of them hardly speak Spanish, and the military never gave the U.S. Citizenship as they promised to them. Guillermo Tapia is working with some immigration attorneys trying to bring these U.S. Veterans back to U.S.A. their country by heart.

He will introduce legislation to accelerate the process to give U.S. Citizenship to 11 million of illigal immigrants, immigrants that were illegal 20 -30 years ago but today are part of the working force that moves the economy of our nation U.S.A., now they are business owners, own their own homes, pay their local, state and federal taxes but do not have the benefits of medical and hospital insurances plus other benefits that all American citizens have.

Guillermo Tapia, as a Pentecostal Christian Minister is against abortion. He understand that the knowledge of God Jesus Christ says in the ten commandments: “you shall not murder”, thus he as a Christian minister understand that abortion is “murder”. He understand that people have a freedom of choice, but he also understand the difference between freedom or liberty for a good cause and libertine or libertinism which is lack of morality and against God’s Commandments, laws and tenants.

He believes that women should have more protection on their good rights as equal salary and opportunities as men have in the working environment and he will make law to protect those right of women.

He will make law to protect women from evil men like women and children traffickers, sexual predators, so our young mothers, sisters and daughters can have a peacefull and full of happiness life wherever they are, in the street, at the store at the restaurant, etc

Guillermo Tapia believes that the Hispanic latino americans, Asian americans, middle eastern Americans and all minorities should be no more second and third class citizens but first class Citizens.

Guillermo Tapia will introduce law to make Jewish-American a first class citizens and to Protect them from Anti-Semitism and hate. Any individual, group or organization that Would Try to attack verbally or physically in public or privately to a Jewish-American citizen or Person will be punished by court, fine or even imprisonment according to the court ruling.

He Will Introduce Law To Make First Class Citizens, To Be Protectd By Law And Not To Be Defunded To : First Responders, Police Department, Shriff Department, Border Patrol Department And All Law Enforcement Departments Of Our State Of California And Of Our Nation.

Candidate Guillermo Tapia believes that Seniors and Elderly people must be 1st class citizens And he will introduce legislation to accomplish that. As well, senior and elderly people should be first class citizens within the medical and hospital industry.

He will introduce law to ban or eliminate the law: “Resuscitate or let them die”

He will introduce law to penalize private and public nursing homes or convalescent homes where they give bad care and abuse of our seniors and elderly people, or close them if is necessary and if they are government owned, the government should be accountable.

Guillermo Tapia believes that education is a right and not a privilege for any American citizen, specially for our young American people.

Guillermo Tapia will make legislation to make Jr. Colleges and community colleges “free” For our young students, subsidized by local, state and federal governments together with the private sector. He believes that we are wasting our young brains because they cannot afford college education. Consecuently, U.S.A. is importing young college professionals from other nations to have the jobs that belong to our young American people.

He will introduce legislation to make banks and financial institutions to provide student loans and financial aid at very low interest rates close to 0% interest rates. And to penalize banks and financial institutions that provide high interest rates student loans.

He will introduce laws that will not allow the use of Marihuana, either recreational or medical Purposes.

He will initiate law to prohibit the use of drugs or medicines using Fentanyl, specially those coming from China.

He will make law to create freedom of choice and flexibility for the American citizens to visit any specialists doctors without primary doctor’s approval.

Guillermo Tapia will introduce law to reduce greety and dishonest high cost of pharmaceutical products: medicines, drugs, etc. and medical products. Therefore, non- generic high quality brand name pharmaceuticals could be available at affordable cost to distributors, pharmacies and consumers or patients that really need a particular brand name non-generic high quality medicines.

He will introduce law to make pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce costs of their pharmaceutical products as well as medical supplies manufacturers.

Guillermo Tapia support the government mandate for COVID vaccination

He will introduce a law to make the term of Supreme Court Justices should be reduced to eight years and with the option to re-elect for another 8 years. All Supreme Court Justices must be Christian. The number of Supreme court Justices can not be over 9 Justices.

John Jay, the First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said: “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian Nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

Guillermo Tapia, believes that U.S.A. must restore our foreign policy, our foreign relations with our allies and nations friends of America, that previous Administrations have alienated and offended these allies that America has had for over one hundred years, and because of that America has created political and economic vacuums around the world, that China is filling economically and politically now with one purpose to surpass America’s global economy and replace the U.S. Dollar as the world Reserve Currency with the Chinese currency the Yuan or Renminbi.

We must recuperate our foreign relations with our allies around the world and start filling those economic and political vacuums that previous administrations created alienating our allies and nations friends of America for over one hundred years.

Guillermo Tapia will fight for America to re-join the Transpacific Partnership Agreement in Asia that President George Bush initiated but previous Administrations pull America out of That economic and political Agreement.

Guillermo Tapia is in favor to return our American Military bases to Germany and continue building an economic and political ally in Germany.

Guillermo Tapia supports Taiwan and is against “One China Policy”.