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U.S. Senator Candidate Guillermo Tapia if he is elected he will work to introduce the following Reforms of law and new project of laws:

No 1. A law to make Jewish-American first class citizens and to protect them from anti-semitism and hate. Any individual, group or organization that would try to attack verbally or physically in public or privately to Jewish-American citizens will be judged, punished fine and even imprisonment according to the court ruling.
No 2. Seniors and elderly people to be first class citizens. Seniors and elderly people to be first class citizens within the medical and hospital sector.
No3. He will introduce law to ban or eliminate the law against seniors and elderly people: “Resuscitate or let them die”

No 4. He will introduce law to penalize private and public nursing homes or
convalescent homes where they give bad care and abuse of our seniors and elderly people, or close them if is necessary and if they are government owned, the government should be accountable.

No 5. A law to give DACA permanent residence or citizenship, in California and nationwide.

No 6. He will introduce legislation to accelerate the process to give permanent residence or U.S. Citizenship to 11 million of illigal immigrants, immigrants that were illegal 20 -30 years ago but today are part of the working force that moves the economy of our nation U.S.A., now they are business owners, own their own homes, pay their local, state and federal taxes but do not have the benefits of medical and hospital insurances plus other benefits that all American citizens

No 7. A law to provide women equal rights on salaries and opportunities in the working place.

No 8. He will make law to protect women from evil men like women and children traffickers, kidnappers, sexual predators, so our young mothers, sisters and daughters can have a peacefull and full of happiness life wherever they are, in the street, at the store at the restaurant, etc.

No 9. _ Guillermo Tapia will make legislation to make Jr. Colleges and community colleges “free” for our young students, subsidized by local, state and federal governments together with the private sector.

N0 10. He will introduce legislation to make banks and financial institutions to provide student loans and financial aid at very low interest rates close to 0% interest rates. And to penalize banks and financial institutions that provide high interest rates student loans.

No 11. He will introduce laws that will not allow the use of Marihuana, either recreational or medical Purposes.

No 12. He will initiate law to prohibit the use of drugs or medicines using Fentanyl, specially those coming from China.

No 13. He will make law to create freedom of choice and flexibility for the American citizens to visit any specialists doctors without primary doctor’s approval.

No. 13. Guillermo Tapia will introduce law to reduce high cost of pharmaceutical products: medicines, drugs, etc. and medical products from greety and dishonest distributors and wholesalers. Therefore, non-generic high quality brand name pharmaceuticals could be available at affordable cost to distributors, pharmacies and consumers or patients that really need a particular brand name non-generic high quality medicines.

No 14. He will introduce law to make pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce costs of their pharmaceutical products as well as medical supplies manufacturers.

No 15. He will introduce a law to make the term of Supreme Court Justices should be reduced to eight years and with the option to  re-elect for another 8 years.  All Supreme Court Justices  must be Christian. The number of Supreme court Justices can not be over 9 Justices.

No. 16. He will introduce a law to ban the access of the competition or lead generators consultants to the Multiple Listing System (MLS) system. If is necessary to go to court or the Supreme Court, will make it law. The action of this competitors are affecting the professional life of thousands of Realtors, allowing the general public to access the MLS system and bypassing the Realtors normal duties to generate Real Estate purchases or sales.

No 17. To stop or ban those socialist or government control bills that will hurt the California Real Estate housing, homeowners, sellers and buyers.

No.18. Candidate Guillermo Tapia will initiate a law to provide more subsidize to the second largest industry of California to help actors, directors and producers to create more studios from small, medium and large size in Hollywood.

No 19. A law to create a financial plan for actors that are unemployed or have retired, so that they do not end up working for minimum wages in restaurants or other low wages jobs.

No 20. He will introduce a law that would protect our Hollywood Film Industry from foreign Interests and to make it stronger domestically and globally as well.

NO 21 He will introduce a law or laws to reduce taxes across California and our nation: Income, sales, Business, etc.

No22. He will fight by legislation to reduce local spending, county, state and federal. To finish our National Debt and increase our national Revenue and Budget surplus. Consecuently to a 4-5% National GDP.

NO 23. a law that would control Inflation, to penalize by law businesses that increase their prices due to wages increases or due to higher tariffs on imports that hurt the regular American consumer and we need to pull them out from under the water financially our poor class citizens and move them up to the middle class  where they used to be.

No.24. Guillermo Tapia, will introduce a credit reform law. To avoid credit reports in personal and Commercial loans, instead to apply full verification of the loan application and apply the debt to income ratio formula.

No. 25. He will include on the credit reform law, to prohibit Employers, rent and housing to require credit reports.

No 26.Guillermo Tapia will utilize the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to make  a reform of law that would fight  monopoly from the largest Corporations that like Octopus are destroying and eliminating the small and medium size and even other large corporations.

No. 27. Guillermo Tapia will initiate a law to fight for America to re-join the Transpacific Partnership Agreement in Asia that President George Bush initiated but previous Administrations pull America out of that economic and political Agreement.

No 28.  Guillermo Tapia will initiate a new project of law in favor of to return our American Military bases to Germany and continue  building  an economic and political ally in Germany.

No 29. He Will Introduce Law To Make First Class Citizens,to Be Protectd By Law And Not To Be Defunded To : First Responders, Police Department, Sheriff Department, Border Patrol Department And All Law Enforcement Departments Of Our State Of California And Of Our Nation.