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U.S. Senator Candidate Guillermo Tapia, if elected He will work on a couple of major projects that will improve the economy of the state of California and of our entire nation.

A Socio-Economic Study of Baja California, Mexico from two economists of San Diego State University back in the late seventy’s or early eighty’s, they researched the whole peninsula of Baja California from the border with San Diego until the end of the peninsula, La Paz and Los Cabos. Their findings were that Baja California, Mexico was as reach as California, on many industries, agriculture, mines, tourism, surrounded by the ocean is reach on a very sophisticated  marine fauna and flora.

If God allow us to purchase the Peninsula of Baja California, Mexico, it will turn the fifth economy of the world, California in the fourth global economy over Germany. And will help to pay for our national debt in a few years together with the USA Manufacturing Industry in American soil.

A manufacturing Industry that will do the same thing that the Chinese manufacturing is doing: outsourcing and offshore. Outsourcing is when American Companies are not profitable because of high operational cost due to unionizing entitlements, high raw material cost, etc. thus, American companies go to China for a cheap manufacturing labor so our American companies can make fair profit and continue operating or have left enough working capital plus net income that allows American companies to have enough capital to operate or expand or to invest on other projects.

Therefore, outsourcing manufacturing means that American companies are sending their products to be manufactured by Chinese companies, based on the patented designs and manufacturing blueprints our American companies sent to the Chinese manufacturers.  The danger of this that American companies and all the companies of the world that send their products to be manufactured by China, is that China is very fraudulent and play not by honest and respectful international laws regarding manufacturing, and our American companies and the companies of the world are risking and suffering that China is stealing American patents, intellectual properties and they copy the products designs and manufacturing blueprints and they create the same American products with their own patents and start selling our same American products to the rest of the world at very cheap prices, plus with very low quality. In top of that China is playing dishonestly and with fraudulent demands demanding lower tariffs to their exports to USA and higher tariffs to our American products exported to China, creating a china-USA trade unbalance, surplus trade for China and deficit trade for USA.

Offshore  is when American companies they do not want that Chinese manufacturers build their products, so our American companies go to China and buy land in China and build the manufacturing infrastructure: buildings, production areas and equipment and the American companies have total control of their manufacturing process.

Guillermo Tapia has study 2.5 yeas of industrial engineering in Mexico and worked around 20 years in the engineering field and some of those years were in the manufacturing industry working as a Production Control Engineer.

Guillermo Tapia, has had the vision for several years of building the same Outsource and Offshore Manufacturing Industry that China has but to do it in American soil, along the Bible belt from west coast to east coast and along the rust belt as well. Why building a U.S.A. Manufacturing  Indudtry on these areas? For the following reasons: cost of living is cheaper, land is cheaper, and this U.S.A. Manufacturing industry will be “unions” free. Unions or organized labor Unions were created by Karl Marx, the father of Marxism, Socialism and Communism. Karl Marx believed that the Burguess (employer) and the proletariat (employee) should have the same amount of income, not leaving the employers or company owners with enough net income and working capital. This is why Detroit the capital of the U.S. car manufacturers went from being the wealthy city in America and in the world to become one of the poorest cities in America, besides the social problems, the auto industry in Detroit was impacted negatively by the control from organized labor unions, demanding too many entitlements for the union workers, super high wages and high cost benefits leaving the auto industry owners with very low net income and working capital, not to reinvest in high quality autos and good new designs to a point that Detroit auto makers could not compete with the new wave of foreign autos coming from Japan and Korea at cheaper price and high quality, to a point that almost all the main luxury American cars went out of business, staying just a few manufacturers, like Ford, General Motors and Chrysler could not continued and was purchased by the Italian auto maker Fiat.

What are the advantages of building a USA Manufactutring Industry in American soil?

Economic. It will be an economic blessing or boom for this nation on every area. It will increase our national total net income and national GDP, it will create new and more jobs, it will reduce unemployment and increase the nation’s employment rate. Other industries will grow as well, a huge economic movement will be created on our entire nation that with the national revenue produced by this USA manufacturing Industry, America will be able to pay from 5-7 years our national debt of $30.3 trillions.

National Security. It will increase our National Security. Out of the $30.3 trillion National debt That we have, $ 6 trillion are owned by foreign countries and $23 trillions are owned domestically.  Paying off our National debt America will be in a very strong safe position before the nations of the world.  The bible says the: “the borrower is servant of the lender”. That tells us that if foreign countries are enemies that would like to harm USA, they could do it financially through the debt that we have with them.  But if we pay off to all the foreign countries we can not be servants of no foreign countries. If we have just our national debt within domestic limits, we are on a more safe and secure position.  Thus, Building this USA Manufacturing Industry will contribute to our national security.

Other benefit contributor to our national safety, is manufacturing or having the supply chain control of indispensable pharmaceuticals, drugs and  medicines that only in America should be manufactured. Like drugs and medicines that must not have opioids containing fentanyl that were found on medicines and drugs manufactured in China.

American Intellectual property and patents protection.

Having this USA Manufacturing Industry in American soil will eliminate that problem that America and the nations of the world have that China has been stealing the intellectual property and patents of many of the products and goods that America and the nations of the world send to be manufactured in China.

No dealing with unfair trade practices from China. China is creating to America a trade deficit with China. As of 2021 China exported to USA $434 billions of goods and allowed to USA to export $124.5 billions of American goods to China only. Creating a trade surplus for China of $310 billions or a trade deficit for America of $310 billions.  A USA Manufacturing  Industry in America soil will end almost completely with this unfair trade deficit with China.

No increase to the prices of our goods and products made in America, so the American consumer would have more surplus income to enjoy life and able to provide better to their families.

Supply Chain availabity and Control. We would have a better control of our national security products and non-national security products.

Domestic and Foreign Outsourcing and Offshore. With our USA Manufacturing Industry in American soil. Our domestic American companies are going to be able to do the same outsourcing and offshore that they do with China, but instead they will be able to do it in our American land. For example, Silicon Valley high tech companies (San Francisco area) they will be able to do both outsource or offshore into our USA manufactuting industry in the Bible belt or rust belt areas instead doing outsourcing or offshore in China.

This USA Manufacturing Industry will be available to all the nations of the world as well, so they can do outsource and offshore their products and goods to be manufactured but here in USA, without the risk and problem that their intellectual property and patents and manufacturing blue print designs may be stealed by China, and with the best American quality finished goods and products.

Young college graduates will have jobs or employment before graduating

This USA Manufacturing will consist on a combination of Manufacturing Industrial Parks and living areas like low income condominiums for families working on the manufacturing and production lines and other jobs required on the manufacturing industry and apartment complexes for the young population just graduate from colleges and Universities.

This USA Manufacturing Industry will create more jobs on other fields or industries like trucking companies, air transportation of finish goods and products, hospitality industry: hotels, motels, the restaurant industry, service industry, Real Estate industry, etc. The American economy will grow very strong.

Tax incentives and lower export tariffs will be offered to foreign nations to outsorce the manufacture of their products to USA.

Having this USA manufacturing industry in American soil will increase our total net income, our national budget will pass from deficit to surplus and our national debt of $30.3 trillion could be paid in 5-7 years. Our nation’s employment rate will increase. Inflation will decrease by legislation not allowing greety businesses no to increase their consumer prices.

The Bible belt and Rust belt USA manufacturing industry will be on an austerity mode and monitor by state and federal congress and “unions” will not be allowed into this new “USA Manufacturing Industry”.

We will apply the economic model of Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan “tax cuts” and  “we are for economy and after that we are for more economy”.

This project  will terminate the many years old problem between Northern California and Southern California, lack of water in the south and in the San Joaquin Valley.  The plant will be designed and built with modern ecotechnology that will not damage the marine flora and fauna.

Some other projects are considered like treating waste water and utilize it to provide the lack water. But scientific studies it is more hygienic the sea water processed into fresh and drinkable water.

However, the case, candidate Guillermo Tapia who worked as an engineer He will continued study and built a water plant that would solve the lack of water in Southern water.

This type of plants that convert water into renewable electricity utilizing the modern technology that now we have will reduce the cost of electricity that is coming into the California households every month with ridiculous high prices.

Guillermo Tapia if elected U.S. Senator will initiate the construction of hydroelectric plants to produce cheap electricity to the families of California, that are living under the water financially, and still receiving high monthly bills on utilities.